How I Started with Photography - Interchange Athletics

I got my start in sports photography

I got my initial start into photography by shooting at Interchange Athletics (San Francisco Bay Area), where I was capturing a lot of CrossFit photos.  I remember starting out with no experience and no idea of how to shoot with the "M" mode on the dial. CrossFit allowed me to work through all of the basics of learning my camera, composition, lighting, etc., but the biggest thing it taught me was my style. I learned what and how I liked to shoot while capturing these sports photos. 

My preferred style of photography is very candid and in the moment. I learned how to be a ninja with the camera and not make it obvious to the subject that I was taking a picture of them. It also taught me to anticipate action and be ready to capture that split second moment that can pass away and never return. As a sports photographer, you have to know what's going to happen next and ALMOST jump the gun. 

The biggest ideas I learned over the past few years: Don't forget where you started. Embrace it. Practice makes better. It never makes perfect, but it definitely makes better. Aim for progress; not perfection. Perfection isn't even realistic, and because of that the goal seems too far to even reach. And lastly, your past doesn't determine your future. Just because you start off in a place where you're not that good or maybe not where you want to be; it doesn't mean you can't do it. Go for it. Believe in yourself. 

I still love shooting sports, so if you are looking for that, feel free to contact me and let's make some magic.