How to Start A Business in the San Francisco Bay Area...

How to Start A Business in the San Francisco Bay Area...

san francisco bay area wedding photographer a husband, father, and with a full time job already? Don't worry. It's possible! Below I list the Top 5 tips that helped me, and still are, to capitalize on my own entrepreneurial start-up aspirations:

1. Start

The first and easiest part of being an entrepreneur is starting. Most people have the talent and the passion, but get paralyzed when it comes to actually starting. My personality is very analytical and strategic; so much so that I will delay starting something until I have the entire picture in my head from start to retirement. I had to learn how to start. 

2. There's 24 Hours Today; And There's 24 Tomorrow

Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today. There are the same amount of hours every day so you might as well do today what you can do today. Many of my early shoots were done on weekends, or after work, or late at night at 2am when my wife and both kids were asleep. If you keep putting things off until you have time, you're never going to do it. The reality is YOU HAVE THE TIME; you just have to find it. 

3. Learners Are Earners

Honestly, I think I just made that up 😂 Okay maybe not, but I will take credit for it. I am obsessed with learning. I am always learning every second I get the chance. I LOVE learning about new technology, and I love learning about old technology. I enjoy learning what worked for people and what didn't work for people. I learn from everyone! I learn from other business leaders, influencers, from my kids (mostly, patience lol), from other photographers, from Instagram, from my Pastors at church, from my wife, literally ANYWHERE AND ANYONE WHO CAN TEACH ME ANYTHING. Maybe you want to monetize a hobby or a passion you have. You'll have to learn how to turn that into profit. Be open to being taught from people....even me :) 

4. Embrace the Competition...

...and then find a unique niche. I love how competitive the world of photography is, because it challenges me to find a unique space within photography that few people are in. If there was no sense of competition, we'd all be doing the same thing. How boring would that be! I know that I will never be the best chef, but what if I could build a brand on Instagram where I teach you how to cook simple meals, especially for the working parent with kids? Well that's a unique niche that serves a large demographic of America. Learn from your competition, and learn how you can find a competitive advantage.

5. Everyday I'm Hustlin

I can still hear my mom say "i'm a hustla homie"...seriously she used to say that. Ok I taught her, but still. If you're going to start anything, you better be ready to hustle. Here's the beautiful thing about this idea: it looks different for everyone. There are no clear steps to building your business. It changes based on the field you're in, and what resources you have. But you have to be married to working your butt off. What I'm starting to realize is the only thing that separates those who have made it to those who think they've made it is a little more hustle. The things that are worth it are found right past the point that you want to give up. If you're married to any concept or word, let it be "hustle":

- Put in the late nights

- make phone calls during your lunch break

- take bathroom breaks at work to send an email or two

- take your kids with you on photoshoots (i often have my youngest boy strapped to my chest in a carrier - which works cause he's always smiling at my clients)


Hope this helps you and gives you some encouragement. If you find this to be helpful, feel free to share it on your Facebook to someone who might find some value. 

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